If you were to trust what you read on the internet, especially the many DIY and weekend warrior websites, you would believe that window installation is a breeze. Click through a few photos of a window install in the process and it looks like a relatively simple job. Ask those who attempt it on their own, and most would agree that it is a job that should be handled strictly by the professionals.

Why? The benefits of professional window installation go well beyond the obvious, such as a good fit or quick turnaround time. Let’s consider them point by point:

  • Eliminate Risks – Whether you have one story or multi-story property in need of new windows, there are some risks involved in any installation. Get one measurement wrong, even by a fraction of an inch, and it could cause the window to break. Mishandle one tool and that could end up breaking the glass. Even a deep gouge in a frame or scratch on the glass can mean a costly replacement. And ladder work? Well, imagine hoisting a window up a ladder and you’ll see why professionals are best for such a task.
  • Have the Skills – You might have many power tools and hand tools essential to window installation, but you also require the skills to do the work right. Creating the opening for a larger window, ensuring everything is plumb or level, and doing the many finer tasks required for a properly functioning window is usually far outside the skill set of the average property owner. A major benefit of hiring an expert is that installations are straightforward and uncomplicated for them thanks to their skills.
  • Save Energy – You want new windows to ensure energy efficiency. Proper and professional window installation ensures that your windows can perform as desired. No cracked joints, no leaks or gaps, no damage to the structure itself and optimal energy efficiency are all part and parcel of a professional install.

Naturally, a professional installation also boosts curb appeal, ensures that you have a quiet and dust free home in addition to an energy efficient one, and it gets the process done quickly, the first time.

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