There is no need to invest in replacement windows each year. In fact, this isn’t even something that has to be done every five years. Quality, properly installed windows can last for 15 to 20 years easily, which is great since replacements represent quite an investment. Knowing the signs it is time to invest in replacement windows is the best way to ensure you know when the time has arrived.

The House Feels Drafty

A tell-tale sign of old windows is if they start to break, shrink or won’t close properly. This will allow warm air to move out of the home during the colder months and may destroy the home’s energy efficiency. If the home’s electric bill seems high, then feel around and in front of the window to see how much air is really getting out.

The Window is Hard to Close or Open

If opening and closing your window requires you to struggle and strain, then there is definitely a problem. While you may be able to get one more season out of the window by rubbing down the tracks with dishwashing soap, this isn’t a long-term solution. You are eventually going to have to invest in replacement windows.

The Window Doesn’t Remain Open

If the window is unable to remain open unless you prop it that with a piece of wood, then this is another sign that replacement windows are needed. Not only does this get annoying, it can also present a real safety hazard, especially if you have small children.

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Knowing the signs that you need to invest in new windows can be beneficial. It will help ensure that you get the windows for the home that will help with efficiency and ensure no other issues arise. Don’t ignore the signs of an issue since it will only get worse as time passes.

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