What Types of Windows Can I Choose From?

When it comes to installing windows in your home, you have a lot to choose from. There are casements, awnings, bay and bows, as well as the classic double- and single-hung windows that are so familiar. Each type of window has its unique advantages and disadvantages, so in the end your choice will boil down to your own personal preferences and the specifics of your home.

Is there a Difference between Double- and Single-Hung, and Double- and Single-Pane?
Yes, be careful not to confuse the two distinctions. A window pane is just the glass on the window, so a single-pane window is just one big piece of glass. You usually find the single-pane type in solariums or Georgia rooms, for example. Most windows are double-pane windows, and single-hung and double-hung windows are both examples of double-pane windows because they each have two panes. You could also have an awning window with two panes, for example, and that window would be a double-pane awning window.

What are the Benefits of Double-Hung Windows?

Double-hung windows are the iconic windows that are found in the traditional Atlanta home, both as replacement windows and new construction ones. Similar to single-hung windows, the double-hung style is more common. Double-hungs consist of two panes of glasses, which are called sashes. The main benefit is that both sashes on this type can be moved, allowing for ventilation on the top, bottom, or both. In addition, homeowners with two-story homes usually prefer them since they can be cleaned from the inside.

What are the Benefits of Single-Hung Windows?

Single-hungs are the same as the double-hung variety, except that the top sash cannot be opened. The main benefit of going with single-hung windows is that they limit air intrusion into the home better than the double-hung type. Moreover, they tend to be a little bit less prone to breaking because they are mechanically simpler. They are also around $25 less expensive per window, which can end up being a big difference when doing a complete window replacement on a large Atlanta home.

Which Should You Buy?

This is totally up to you. You can find both types of replacement windows in Atlanta, as well as new construction windows in both styles. Homeowners with a second floor should probably think about the safety advantages of opting for double-hungs, while those with a one-story can go with the less expensive single-hung option. Either kind of window is good for facing decks, porches, and footpaths, since they do not open outwards.

Deciding to replace your windows or choosing what windows to get on your new home are both major decisions you should think about before making your investment. If you’d like to know more or to get a FREE no cost, no obligation, absolutely no pressure estimate simply give us a call or fill out our online form.