Windows have always seemed so captivating to me. Maybe it's the way they dress up the face of a house; if you change the window type in any building design, you have changed the entire feeling of the home. Here at Atlanta Window Pros, we know that choosing a window is art in its own form.

There are hundreds of different window styles out there, but I just wanted to inform you about a few of my favorite windows. Like any part of your house, the windows need to be conducive to the architectural design, so keep that in mind. 

These windows include:

Casement Windows are Top Choice

The first window I want to introduce to you is the casement window. They are a window that makes the outdoors easily accessible. I tend to see casement windows in bathrooms or kitchens over the sink, but they can be placed anywhere. You just turn the hand crank, and the window swings out whichever way you desire, left or right.

They are the perfect modern design or touch to any house while still keeping it classic and can come in any shape or size you need. The options are nearly endless here.

Try Double-Hung for a Bigger Peek

Double-hung windows add a classic countenance to any building. Think of that dreamy fairy tale cottage from a fantasy child's movie or the windows in a French palace.

These windows are two panes together to build a suitably sized view of the outside world while keeping your home's appearance charming. Double-hung windows can open from the top or the bottom, meaning a versatile experience every time you open a window or need to clean it.

Slide into Success With Sliding Windows

This window style is easily accessible because you unlock it and slide it left or right. They are a lovely addition to any home and are an elegant way to let in the sunlight here in Atlanta.

With Atlanta Window Pros' options of double-pane conservation glass or PVC carbon composite material windows mean that you never have to choose style over substance. We also deal exclusively in Home Guard Industries so that our replacement windows last.

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